New to campus ??

Have a look at the MPI International Office link.

There is a new comer booklet with lots of useful Information [Available only in the MPI Intranet]

Also on the MPI Intranet, a lot of information (vacation, travel, insurance, childcare etc.) can be found. Look at the left hand side panel under Formula/Information, but sorry available only in German.

More questions?? Feel free to send an email to the mailing list and see if anyone has time to take a coffee break (or by email) and give you some advice.

Funding Opportunities

Organizations offering Postdoctoral Fellowships include: Humboldt, DAAD, EMBO, Marie Curie and Human Frontiers. For more information have a look at the MPI funding page.

EMBO has an extensive list of funding oppurtunities for Post Docs in Europe. EMBO link.

Looking for Childcare or kindergarten ??

The Biokids is a daycare facility for children between six months and six years of age. Employees of the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry can fill a number of spots at the Biokids.

The Klopferspitzchen is a parent initiated nursery school for toddlers between 12 month and three years of age.

In addition, there are a number of daycare facilities in Martinsried, Munich or likely in the neighborhood you choose to live in.

Anyone interested in more information may contact Frau Steudemann (

For a more complete list of daycare facilities that MPIB has worked with in the past (and for more facilities that accept children from 3-6 months), please have a look on the MPIB Intranet Kinderkrippen link.

Is something wrong or missing? Please let me know.

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