Informal Lunch Seminar Series

All interested postdocs meet on the first Thursday of every month, from 12h-13h. Postdocs from different departments of the Max-Planck Institute of Biochemistry are encouraged to participate and give a short (~20-25 minutes) presentation. New postdocs in the Institute are welcome to give a talk about their graduate thesis work. This seminar series is aimed to give postdocs a chance to practice their talks before a meeting, facilitate discussions about their project and get feedback from the postdoc network in our Institution. Seminars are held in different department seminar rooms, in order to get familiar with the locations of various departments.

If you would like to give a presentation for the postdoc lunch seminar series, please send an email to Aynur Copur (

As a bonus, lunch and beverages are provided!

Please sign up to the postdoc mailing list to receive emails about the next lunch seminar series date. Posters, like the one below, are also posted before each seminar series.


The Postdoc Association (PDA) organizes tailor-made professional soft skills courses that are relevant to postdocs. These are conducted by experienced trainers from outside the Institute. Some of the topics in the past have included (1) Leadership training when starting a new lab; (2) Effective communication skills when dealing with supervisors, students, or peers; (3) Job interview skills; and (4) Grant writing. Postdocs usually suggest which professional soft skils training they would like each year. If you have any suggestions about specific topics to be addressed, please let us know!

If you would like to be notified of these courses and receive event details, please sign-up to the post-doc mailing list. Participation is on a first-come, first-serve basis as there are limited spots available. 

Professional soft skills courses offered throughout the year:

1) The art of leadership in lab management

by CJ Fitzsimons, Ph.D.

2) Grant writing workshop

by Christina Schütte, Ph.D.



The PDA organizes “wine & cheese” sessions twice a year (in fall and spring - due to the fast turn-over of postdocs) where postdocs meet informally, and also welcome those newly arrived.

Upcoming Events:

MPI Post-doc Seminar Series (1st Thursday of every month)

- watch for emails and the monthly PDA newsletter for event details

If you would like to give a talk in our lunchtime semiar series ~ for fun, to get feedback or just to practice please contact Aynur Kaya-Copur (kaya[at]

MPG-PostDocNet mailing list

In addition to organizing and supporting events at our own institute, the MPIB-Postdoc Association is participating in efforts to increase the cross-institute communication between Postdocs. A petition for MPG stipend holders launched by a small group of PhDs in Göttingen recently demonstrated how we can achieve profound improvements of our situation when working together collaboratively in a network whereas individual efforts alone will rarely succeed. We aim to initiate a PostDoc group across all institutes to establish a vigorous collaborative network in order to organize support by our institutes and the Max Planck Society. This mailing list can serve as a first step to keep informed about ongoing Max Planck-wide activities, discuss our own ideas and views, develop strategies on how to improve our situation, share important news and information,and foster cross disciplinary and cross institutional discussions of politically interested postdocs. Currently participating MPI's include: Meteorology (Hamburg), Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences (Leipzig), Coal Research (Mulheim), Biochemistry (Martinsried), Neurobiology (Martinsried).

To sign-up for the MPG-wide Postdocs list please visit:

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