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With the "Careers for PhDs" Seminar Series the graduate program is trying to give the graduate students more insights in the diversity of jobs that can be occupied by scientists holding a doctoral degree.

To that aim, we invite young, senior or former scientists from inside or various fields outside of academic research to speak about their jobs and the opportunities offered to people with a scientific background. These talks take place about every month. After the presentations the audience is offered to discuss with the speakers in a more familiar ambience. While enjoying "beer and brez’n" they can get a personal impression of the speaker and get in touch with them and their company/institution.

Scarlet Beck, Beatrice Laudenbach, and Anna Gebhard are organizing the Careers for PhDs Seminar Series in 2015.

Everyone is welcome to suggest companies or speakers!! To do so just mail to one of us.

The "Careers for PhDs"– Seminar Series 2015:

24.02 16:00
Dr. Philipp Baaske
NanoTemper Technologies GmbH

This was the "Careers for PhDs"– Seminar Series 2014:

Matthias Mann
Max-Planck-Institut für Biochemie
“Career advice for young scientists”

Eva Rotenberg

Juergen Scherer
Paul Ehrlich Institut
“From bench to benefit-risk: Approving Gene- and Cell-Therapeutics for the treatment of patients”

Birgit-Yvonne Reimann
“Career pathways in a global pharmaceutical company”

Karsten Quast
Böhringer Ingelheim
“Computational Biology in Pharma Reasearch – Molecular Insights in Schizophrenia as an Example”

D. Haertel, H. Engel
“Get to know McKinsey”

Peter Stern
Editor at Science
“How to become a SCIENCE editor?”

Annika Schmid
“Careers in Biotech: MorphoSys – Engineering the Medicines of Tomorrow”

Petra Schwille
Max-Planck-Institut für Biochemie

This was the "Careers for PhDs"– Seminar Series 2013:

Elena Conti
Director at the MPIB
"The path from student to PI: a personal perspective"

Ivana Custic
Project manager at the EMBL
"Project Manager: From the Bench to Beyond" 

Andrea Adams
The Boston Consulting Group
"Medical biochemistry"

Nicolas Villacorta
Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)
"Reasearch from the side of a funding agency"

Andreas Bolzer
Account Manager at Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH
"Tales from Science and Sales. Or: Can you keep up with rocket science being constantly on the telephone?"

Martin Krayl
CRA at Novartis
"First Footsteps as Clinical Research Associate"

José Molina de Alba
European patent office
"A day in the life of a patent examiner"

Benjamin Vigl
"Still at the Bench – being a Scientist in Biotech"

Ulrich Rothbauer
Professor at the Universität Tübingen/Cofounder of Chromotek
"How you can make a U-turn in your career: From Science to Business and back to Science again"

This was the "Careers for PhDs"– Seminar Series 2012:

Cohausz und Florack
Natalie Kirchhofer
"From clones to claims – how to become a patent attorney"

Stefan Weiser
"Working at Roche: Biotech from Science to Patients"

Life Technologies
Janin Pieritz
"My Life at Life - Job Opportunities at Life Technologies"

EMBO Journal
Andrew Hufton
"Adventures in Editing - A Career in Scientific Publishing"

Bayer Business Services
Alexander Krupp
"Career opportunities at Bayer Inhouse Consulting"

Eppendorf AG
Dietmar Kahle
"How Professor Grzimek brought me to Eppendorf"

Bavarian Nordic GmbH
Marc Schweneker
"Basic Science in Biotech"

Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG
Andreas Kahrs

Sonja Wiedemann
"From Bench to Benchmarks - as Scientist in Management Consulting"

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