Service at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry

Making Research and Life Easier

The Biochemistry Core Facility provides all scientists with various equipment and methods.
The Biochemistry Core Facility provides all scientists with various equipment and methods.

Whether literature research, science and research, childcare or food, drinks and sports – the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry (MPIB) supports its employees not only at work, but also in their daily life. This is the task of the scientific, technical and administrative service facilities of the Institute.

Professional support in theory…

Almost 60,000 books and bound journals, around 120 current print journals and series as well as approximately 20,000 electronic journals and several databases: Everybody should actually find what he or she is searching for at the special science library of the Max Planck Institutes Martinsried. If not, the staff members of the Information Retrieval Services (IVS) will be pleased to assist. In scientific information sources that are available worldwide, they perform targeted and thorough searches for relevant specialist literature or other data. Additionally, the IVS provide all biological-medical institutes of the Max Planck Society with databases and offer diverse courses to give the users advice for a successful research.

… and practice

Hardly a wish shall remain unfulfilled in practical research work as well: The Biochemistry Core Facility provides the MPIB employees with different equipment such as modern fluorescence microscopes and numerous methods, such as sequence analysis or mass spectrometry. The offer is completed by the on-demand production of customized antibodies and a crystallization service. When customized experimental installations are needed instead of tailor-made molecules, the workshops come into play. Together with the scientists, electrical and precision engineers develop and build up the desired made-to-order designs.

The Computing Center and the Animal Facility make the MPIB’s scientific service facilities complete. They provide the required infrastructure and support the researchers need with their know-how.

The cafeteria is professional and private meeting place at the MPIB.
The cafeteria is professional and private meeting place at the MPIB.

For the little ones

At the MPIB, the offspring is also important – even when it is quite young. On Campus Martinsried within five minutes walking distance from the Institute, the kindergartens “Biokids” and “Klopferspitzchen” are available. Furthermore, the MPIB has cooperation agreements with crèches and kindergartens in the surrounding area, so that children of the MPIB employees have preferential access to these childcare institutions.

Physical well-being

According to the slogan “a sound mind in a healthy body”, the MPIB provides its staff members with various sports offerings. These include soccer, a sports room with fitness training devices as well as belly dancing, pilates, back exercises and yoga. The MPIB’s own bowling alley still enjoys great popularity among former colleagues as well.

The cafeteria and the canteen supply the Institute’s members with food and drinks. There, all the people come together during a short time-out from their office or laboratory workday – whether administrative staff member or scientist, PhD student or director.

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