Dr. Ellen Broda
Information Management
Phone:+49 89 8578-3822
Sabine Schneider
Phone:+49 89 8578-3821

Postal Address:

Max-Planck-Institut für Biochemie
Information Management
Am Klopferspitz 18
82152 Martinsried

Information Management

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The Information Management supports staff and guests of the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry with information about research data, legal issues for digital solutions and provides analytics service for literature and patents, media, social media and research metrics. We work in close connection with the Public Relations and the Computing Center.

The service includes

1)      Research Data

  • Organization of Data
  • Data Access and Processing
  • Data Protection and Ethics
    • Publication Data Archives
    • Intellectual Property Rights: Knowledge and Technology Transfer
    • Data Policies and Regulations
  • Data Dissemination

2)      Legal Issues for Digital Solutions

  • Risk Management
  • Procedure Index
  • Data Regulations

3)      Analytics

  • (Social) Media Analytics
  • Research Analytics/Bibliometrics
  • Website Analytics



Internal Homepage

You find specific information on our Internal Homepage.


Predefined Search Strategies for Publications of the Max Planck Society in the Web of Science are listed for each individual Max Planck Instiute.

Bioinformatics software

Links and answers for bioinformatics software you find at our Bioinformatics Core Facility.

The list of BioTools (bioinformatics software of the MPS) and a list of external resources which were provided by the former IVS-BM is curated by the GWDG now. Pathguide resources you find here.


For information about Open Access, MPG.PuRe, journals and e-books please contact our library.



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