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Bibliometric Analysis (PDF)

Hicks, D., Wouters, P., Waltman, L.: Bibliometrics: The Leiden Manifesto for Research Metrics, Nature, 2015 Apr 23; 520(7548): 429-31, doi: 10.1038/520429a.


AutoAlert, a possibility to obtain weekly updates of literature (PDF)

Introduction to Scopus (Elsevier)- Résumé Online Training (PDF)

Introduction to the Web of Science - Résumé Online Training (PDF)

Patents, an overview (PDF)

Scopus Content Coverage Guide from Elsevier

Web of Science, Search Tips (PDF)

Tools for analyzing protein- and gene related data 

1. IPA

Comparison IPA - Pathway Studio (by IVS-BM)

Factsheet IPA -Ingenuity Pathway Analysis, Qiagen

2. Pathway Studio

Factsheet Pathway Studio Mammal

Factsheet Pathway Studio Plant

Training Materials (Mammal/Plant)

Comparison IPA - Pathway Studio (by IVS-BM)

3. Dataanalysissystems 

Datenanalysesysteme u. Vorgaenger (auf Deutsch)

Reference Management Systems

Reference Management with EndNote, an overview (PDF)

Tips & Tricks mit EndNote X7 (PDF)

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