MPG software & tools for bioinformatics

Software relevant for Bioinformatics

More than 300 tools relevant to bioinformatics have been developed by research groups within the Max Planck Society. A Wiki has been set up to provide an overview and to help all interested researchers (not only within the Max Planck Society) to identify and apply appropriate tools.

Wiki on bioinformatics tools developed in the MPG

The GWDG (Computer Center in Göttingen) provides access to numerous bioinformatic tools that have been centrally licensed for the Institutes of the MPG. These include software for NGS data analysis, software for the analysis of proteome data, sequence similarity tools, statistical tools and sofware packages for a broad application range (e.g. GeneiousPro or the Wisconsin Package GCG). The GWDG also helps to install databases and provides server space for high-performance-computing.

Bioinformatics Software at the GWDG (in German)

MPG Campus Licenses at the GWDG (in German)

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