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Here we focussed on the citation styles, the creation of reference lists and the connection to word processing systems.

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v 4.1
Over 1.000 editable citation styles are offered that can be added and edited. Also new styles can be generated.

Citavi offers a word Plug-In to directly insert citations. It also helps changing citation styles or generating reference lists.

Information about LaTeX integration.

v X7
Offers about 6000 citation styles. Each style can be edited manually and new styles can be developped.

Offers an automatically installed Cite-While-You-Write Plug-In for word processing systems like Microsoft Word, Open Office, or Mathematica with many features for inserting and formatting citations and bibliographies. There is an additional Plug-In for PowerPoint (just for Windows) with limited functionalities. RTF-formats can be formatted very well.

Information about LaTeX integration.

v 2.8
References in JabRef are stored on the basis of BibTeX keys. These are used for implementing references in BibTeX-based files like LaTeX, etc.
v 1.8
More than 6.000 citation styles are available that can be downloaded from the Zotero repository. Citation styles can be edited with a connected online editor.

Mendeley offers several interfaces for word processing systems. First, there is an Add-in for Microsoft Word and Open Office that offers features to insert and format citations and bibliographies. Second, Mendeley offers a BibTeX sync and a LaTeX integration, and third formatted citation lists can be imported via drag & drop into any text editor, inlcuding Google Docs, blogs or emails.

v 2.6
More than 6.000 citation styles are available, but they can not be edited indide Papers.

Papers offers the citation tool "Magic Citations" that can be started within any program on the computer. For inserting citations and the bibliography the document has to be saved first. Useful syntax and formatting hints can be found here.

BibTeX keys can also be created.

v 2.0
Hundreds of pre-defined citation styles are available. New styles can be developped.

The so-called Write-N-Cite-Function allows inserting citations into your word processing system via a separate window. Offline-working is possible.

v 4.0
Offers more than 6.000 citation styles. These can be changed with a style editor.

Zotero offers an add-on for Microsoft Word and Open Office that allows easy formatting of citations and generating bibliographies. Via drag and drop references can be transfered into other word processing systems.

Information about LaTeX integration.

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