Comparison of Bibliographic Management Systems - Export


We tested the export possibilities of the systems.

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v 4.1
Projects, single references or complete folders can be exported either into a different project or in different formats like BibTeX, EndNote, RIS or RTF.
v X7
Various output styles are offered for exporting references, like BibTeX, EndNote, Refer Export, RefMan (RIS) and Tab Delimited.
v 2.8
Export possible into an external SQL database. Also, the export in various formats is possible, such as RIS (as default), BibTeXML, EndNote, MODS or Open Office Documents.
v 1.9
Export from Mendeley Desktop in BibTeX, RIS and EndNote XML. No export possibilities in the web version.
v 2.6
Export of references and / or collections in BibTeX Library, EndNote XML Library or Refman RIS File. PDF Files and media, notes, and reference lists can be exported or sent to Bookends. A special archive format for collection sharing is available.
v 2.0
Direct export possible to EndNote, Reference Manager and ProCite. Additionally various export formats are offered, such as BibTex - RefWorks ID, Citation List, and Tab Delimited.
v 4.0
Offers various export formats like BibTeX, Refer/BibIX, RIS or MODS but also less common formats like Bibliontology, Wikipedia Citation Templates or Unqualified Dublin Core RDF.
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