Ordering materials (books and journal articles)

Please always check whether the journal required is in our library as a print resp. online version, because that's for free.

New copyright law and consequences for subito

On 1st January 2008 the new copyright law came into force in Germany. Electronic delivery is especially affected. Electronic delivery will, as a rule, only be possible when a contractual arrangement with the corresponding publisher exists.
Subito has already negotiated a contract with STM Stichting. Until the contract comes into force, resp. until the necessary adjustments have been implemented, postal and fax deliveries will be the form used.
New prices for customer group 1
Post and fax € 6.50. This is usually for pages 1-20. After this there is an additional charge.

Copyright regulations in Germany

All copies of articles ordered through subito and utilized by the users are subject to copyright regulations. By registering with subito, the user is commited to observing these regulations, most notably that the copies are for personal use only and are not to be disclosed to third parties.
Should delivery be made by e-mail or FTP, neither the file nor the link may be disclosed to third parties. The copy may only be printed once, and the file must be permanently deleted afterwards. Saving such files or links is not permitted.
In general, the copies may not be made available to the public. (more information)

is a fast and easy document delivery service, however at a charge. Everybody searching for literature can contact subito, regardless of his/her location. Our aim is to deliver literature to the right place at the right time.
subito article delivery
Here you can order articles from periodicals, serials and monographs online via the subito Journal Search. The articles are sent to you by mail or fax.
subito book delivery
Here you can order books online via the subito Book Search. Delivery of the books is effected by mail or you can collect them in person.
You can swap around orders from the subito Book Direct Delivery Service to the subito Article Delivery Service and vice versa, if the document can thus be delivered faster and at a lower cost.
If you want to use subito by yourself please check the General terms and conditions

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