On the initiative of the postgraduates we now have a Book Club in the library. The shelves contain approximately 300 fiction books in several languages, sponsered by members of the MPIN and MPIB.
Are there any questions left? Please contact Jonathan Mackinnon.
Why not come on over and take one / replace one.

“Book Club” Guidelines

  1. “Book Club” contains donated books by members of Martinsried Campus. Please help to expand the selection by contributing books of any genre or language.
  2. All books in “Book Club” are free for everyone to read either inside or outside the library. No borrowing slips are necessary for volumes on this bookshelf.
  3. If you take a book, please return it after you are done reading or replace it with another book that you do not want.
  4. The books are arranged alphabetically according to author; please try to maintain this order.
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