MPG/SFX Services

Introduction to SFX

SFX is a context sensitive linking product licensed by the Max Planck Society for the “intelligent” integration of various reference databases, library catalogs, full text collections and other scientific information resources available to staff and guests of the Max Planck Society.
SFX allows users to start with an item of interest found in a resource ("Source"), to view a menu of relevant options ("Services") available for that specific item and, finally, to directly access another information resource ("Target") at the most appropriate level.

The MPG/SFX service menu may include any of the following options:

· Accessing the full text of an item (whenever possible)

· Checking the Electronic Journals Library (EZB) for online availability or the MPG Journal Index for print journal holdings

· Searching in your local library catalog

· Ordering a copy via your local library or via the document delivery service Subito

· Searching authors' names in ISI Web of Science (Citation Indexes)

· Viewing adjacent articles in the table of contents of the respective journal issue

· Viewing information about the journal or book an item has been published in

· Searching for relevant websites, using various internet search engines


First Step

Suppose you have found an item of interest in any MPG/SFX Source (such as Max Planck virtual Library, ISI Web of Knowledge, Ovid, CSA, etc.), and have located the button.

Your Direct Connection - MPG Citation Linker

By means of the MPG Citation Linker you can access relevant MPG/SFX Services directly, without performing a database search first. This is a particularly convenient way to check if any relevant resources (such as the electronic full text) are available for a specific item you have bibliographic information about.

Links to the MPG Citation Linker are available from the Max Planck virtual Library (vLib), but you may find it useful to set your own bookmark.

Enter as much information as possible about the specific article, journal, book, chapter or patent you are interested in. The more details you provide, the more options for services can be offered. After completing the form, click the button.

MPG S·F·X· Services: Linking to full text and more

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