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Important information about Elsevier and DEAL
The MPS contract with the publisher Elsevier expired in 2018 and a new central contract will not be negotiated under the present circumstances. For information regarding this decision and it's background, please see Elsevier cancellation (MPDL), Max Planck Society discontinues agreement with Elsevier and Max Planck Society supports DEAL

This means:

  • MPS will retain access to the current (2018) and previously licensed contents of 900 Elsevier journals after contract termination.
  • In order to read new content published in these journals from 1.1.2019 onwards, a Post-Cancellation Service is prepared for all Max Planck Institutes.
  • Should local subscriptions be deemed essential, we ask that these be limited to a minimum and that you kindly coordinate orders with the library.

In case you have questions, please contact the us:

Searching & Finding electronic resources

In the following section you will find overviews on the complete range of electronic media offered by the library of the Max-Planck-Institutes Martinsried with the respective access options.

E-Journals E-Books Databases

Information resources in the MPS


The Max Planck Society offers the MPG.ReNa Resource Navigator to navigate through various scientific information resources and tools. The web application is available to staff and guests of the Max Planck Society. It includes licensed databases, digital collections, and reference works. In addition, recommandable retrieval tools available on the web free of charge are part of the collection. Moreover, almost all Max Planck Institute library catalogs, as well as selected external ones, are accessible from here.

MPG/SFX Services

Wherever you see this button on article level take advantage of MPG/SFX Services (further info)!!

After clicking the button, a new browser window opens, presenting a menu of MPG/SFX Services available for the specific reference. The MPG/SFX service menu may include any of the following options (amongst others):

  • Accessing the full text of an item (whenever possible).
  • Searching in your local library catalog.
  • Ordering a copy via your local library!

Please note: Accessing PubMed via this special URL will allow users from the MPS to use the MPG/SFX Services to locate the full-text (electronic or print) or other relevant resources.

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