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The library of the MPIs Martinsried is a reference library containing specialized scientific literature. The books , series and journals in the reading room, on the upper and lower levels, and in the magazine T are openly accessible. The closed Magazine A and the Archive 3 contain older and valuable literature. For that it is necessary to contact the library team. The library catalog covers the central collection, as well the departmental libraries of the MPI for Biochemistry and the library catalog covers the central collection, as well the departmental libraries of the MPI for Biochemistry and the MPI for Neurobiology.

About Borrowing

For external visitors no lending is possible, they can use library materials only here locally. Only employees of both institutions can borrow books at the campus.

In accordance with the bookkeeping regulations of the MPG books should, in general, be ordered and bought via the library, as all books that have been bought with institute funds (including PS BIOC accounts) have to be numbered in the inventory and catalogued. This is the responsibility of the library. In addition, we have special terms and can save up to 21% of the price and pay no postage.

Each department has appointed a representative who is in charge of the departmental library, and who authorizes all book orders and sends them to us. We have an order form which has to be signed by this representative.
Books needed urgently can, of course, be ordered via email ().


The library holdings are organised according to an individual systematic. The location and call number can be found via our Linkcatalogue.

Main groups
A Chemistry
B Biochemistry, Biophysics
C Cell and Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Genetics
D Immunology
E Zoology and Botany
F Medicine
G Cancer Research
H Neurosciences
K Systems Biology
M Mathematics
N Informatics, Data Processing
P Physics
T Methods and their Theoretical Basis
Y Dictionaries, Encyclopedias and similar Books
Z Miscellaneous

Book Lending

If you identify a lendable book from a search of the Library Catalogue, and wish to borrow it, you should use the borrowing slip. The borrowing slip is color-coded: the first sheet (yellow) is for you as a reminder, the second and third sheet (white) put in the box. Please write clearly, especially your name.
Renewing & Reserving

Usually the books can be borrowed for four weeks. If you still need the book at the end of loan period you should ask the library for it to be renewed. If the item you require is shown to be out on loan at the time of your search, your librarian will be able to reserve it for you and it will be posted to you as soon as it is available.

Books can be left on the book cart in the lower level. If the book has been recalled, please hand it to a staff member.
Damaged or Lost Library Items

Books borrowed by YOU are YOUR responsibility even if you have now passed them to another user. The borrower will be charged the cost of replacement for any book which has been lost, seriously defaced or annotated in any way. In case of loss or damage to borrowed books or supplements, please contact the library staff.
Closed stack areas

If the item you would like to borrow is kept in the magazine A you need to fill in an order slip. Link Request form for closed collection A
If the item is available, then if the request ist made by noon (Monday - Friday) it usually can be collected after 2:00 p.m., otherwise it will be available the next working day.
Special collection "Dissertationen"

One of the tasks of the library is the archiving of the publications of the institutes. According to § 5 para. 4 of the library policy members of the institute who publish officially, must submit a copy of the publication for the archive of the library.

PhD-Thesis / Thesis*
Please give us your publication in printed or/and electronic form (PDF).
The theses in all formats (print or online) are listed in the library catalogue. The electronic version is also archived on the document server ( LinkPuRe) of the MPG. There it is freely available via internet for non-commercial use.

*Definition: A PhD-Thesis is a text or aggregation of items to reach the doctoral degree. A thesis is a text or aggregation of items to reach a master or diploma degree, this includes the German "Magister", "Master", "Diplom" and "Staatsexamen".

Inter-Library Lending

If books are not available in the library they can be ordered via inter-library lending.

Recommend a Purchase

Is there literature you cannot find at the Library and would like us to purchase? You can send us your suggestions to We will then decide whether the book can be purchased, depending on the budget and the acquisition profile. Please understand that we cannot meet every acquisition request. If you want to purchase a book for your department we need an authorized order with the department account.
Link book order
Book Club

On the initiative of the postgraduates we now have a Book Club in the library. The shelves contain approximately 300 fiction books in several languages, sponsered by members of the MPIN and MPIB.
Why not come on over and take one / replace one.

“Book Club” Guidelines

  1. “Book Club” contains donated books by members of Martinsried Campus. Please help to expand the selection by contributing books of any genre or language.
  2. All books in “Book Club” are free for everyone to read either inside or outside the library. No borrowing slips are necessary for volumes on this bookshelf.
  3. If you take a book, please return it after you are done reading or replace it with another book that you do not want.
  4. The books are arranged alphabetically according to author; please try to maintain this order.
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