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How to get articles in Elsevier’s journals after 2018

How will the cancelled agreement with Elsevier affect me?

  • We will still have access to journal articles published until December 31, 2018. It is only articles published after this date that we no longer will have direct access to.
  • We will still have access to E-books, reference works and databases (such as Scopus) from Elsevier.

How can I access articles from Elsevier published after Dezember 31, 2018?

Use the Post-Cancellation Service

Use our Post-Cancellation Service via MPG/SFX. Just click the button and check the options in the service menu. If you order an article and would like to access supplementary material, too, just add this information in the comment field.
A useful HowTo can be found here: Link

Search for a free version
In many cases subscribed (paid-for access) articles can be found freely in a manuscript version, either as a preprint (the non-peer-reviewed version) or as a postprint (the peer-reviewed version with a different layout). LinkGoogle Scholar and LinkUnpaywall (a browser plugin) are two ways to find free versions of articles.

Contact the author of the article or other researchers
Researchers can share articles with each other that are not open access if this is allowed in the agreement with the publisher (scholarly sharing). Consult LinkSHERPA/RoMEO to check the terms of a specific publisher or journal.

In case you have questions, please contact us:

The MPS contract with the publisher Elsevier expired in 2018 and a new central contract will not be negotiated under the present circumstances. For information regarding this decision and it's background, please see LinkElsevier cancellation (MPDL),LinkMax Planck Society discontinues agreement with Elsevier and LinkMax Planck Society supports DEAL


Searching & Finding electronic and printed resources

In the following section you will find overviews on the complete range of electronic media offered by the library of the Max-Planck-Institutes Martinsried with the respective access options.

books, ebooks, series, journals, ejournals, departmental libraries more
Over the recent years the number of e-books licensed for der Max Planck Society has been increased significantly. More than 650.000 titles from publishers like Springer, Elsevier, Wiley, Oxford University Press and many others are currently available. more
The Electronic Journals Library (EZB) is a cooperative service of currently more than 550 libraries and institutions (including our library). It offers easy and convenient access to electronically published scientific journals in full text. more
There are numerous literature databases and other scientific information resources available to MPS staff and guests. Access to most of the resources is restricted to persons in authorized sites of the MPS. more

<h3 data-snippet-id="ad62820262">Information resources in the MPS</h3>
The Max Planck Society offers the MPG.ReNa Resource Navigator to navigate through various scientific information resources and tools. more

SFX is a context sensitive linking product licensed by the Max Planck Society for the “intelligent” integration of various reference databases, library catalogs, full text collections and other scientific information resources available to staff and guests of the Max Planck Society. more

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