Workshops 2019

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Day 2 - Workshops

Meet the expert in small groups,
learn the skills for landing your dream job.

We invite you to join our workshops and learn from experts!

This year we offer you three different workshops on the 16th of October:

NOTE: For some workshops you might be asked to prepare a CV or read through additional material.

If you have registered for a workshop, but can't attend,

contact the organizers via inpharma2019(at) to cancel.

Workshop 1) Between the lines – Job postings and how to interpret them

Start: 9:00

End: 12:00

Place: Big Lecture Hall, T-Building, MPI Biochemistry

Speaker: Dr. Andrea Freikamp (Boehringer Ingelheim)

Participans: 20 (Fully booked)


You are interested in positions outside of academia within pharmaceutical companies (e.g. Biopharma), but you don’t know which position might fit your skills and interest?

In this workshop, we will start with some brief information about different jobs in industry. We will then address topics like distinguishing entry level and advanced level positions or finding out whether a certain position involves practical lab work, leading employees, and so on. Together we will interpret job postings in small groups. You will have the opportunity to also discuss postings you are interested in.

Workshop 2) Career Options in Life Sciences Management Consulting

Start: 9:00

End: 12:00

Place: Big Conference Room, First Floor, T-Building, MPI Biochemistry

Speaker: Dr. Benjamin Anstett (Trinity Consulting)

Participans: 30 (Fully Booked)


TRINITY team members Dr. Christian Wasmer and Dr. Benjamin Anstett will give an introduction to TRINITY Life Sciences and the recently established first European office in Munich.
We will introduce our workshop participants to a case study based on a real project TRINITY recently conducted. The case study includes interactive work in small groups and covers typical tasks of a management consultant's daily life such as analyzing data to create insights and conclusions leading to recommendations for our client. Guidance throughout the case study will be provided by the TRINITY team. Group members will present their results and recommendations on a flip chart in a setting similar to a real life client situation. We will provide feedback for each presentation.
Our last part will cover TRINITY's career options, the application procedure and the people we are looking for. The workshop will conclude with a final question and answer session. We are open to any individual questions following the workshop.

Workshop 3) Consultany - Future Challenges in Health Care

Start: 13:00

End: 16:30

Place: Big Conference Room, First Floor, T Building, MPI Biochemistry

Speaker: Corinna Schöne, (Bain&Company)

Participans: 20 (Fully Booked)


In our case study, you will advise an international pharma company and help them to decide on a possible strategic investment in a new therapeutic field. Working in teams, you will analyze different aspects of the key question, weigh up relevant success factors and help the company reach their best decision. Get to know our results-oriented way of working and show us your fast and creative thinking. However, don’t worry – we will give you an introduction on how to crack a case!

Take the opportunity to get to know our Consultants during the workshop, ask your questions about a career in consulting and profit from our rich project experience.

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