Our Bioinformatics core facility has several tasks to help the researchers at the Max-Planck Institute of Biochemistry and Neurobiology:

  • Preliminary discussion about experimental design together with other core facilities, such as sequencing facility. This crucial step assures to obtain high quality results from your projects.
  • Consultation for the bioinformatics methods, available computational tools and statistical data analysis
  • Preparation of data sets to submit in public repositories, such as PRIDE, GEO or SRA, as requested by many journals upon manuscript submission
  • Provide bioinformatics trainings

Some selected topics from our bioinformatics core facility:

Next-Generation sequencing (NGS) data analysis
Comparative genomics
Combining chromatin immunoprecipitation assays with sequencing (ChIP-seq)
Whole genome sequencing (WGS)



Shot-gun proteomics analysis (both identification and quantification)
De novo sequencing
Chemical crosslinking combined with mass spectrometry
Protein-protein interactions
Ion-mobility mass spectrometry data analysis
Multiple sequence alignment
Alternative splicing
Protein functional annotation and prediction
Pathway enrichment analysis

Phylogenetic analysis
Motif search
Sequence similarities (BLAST)


Single cell transcriptomics
RNA-seq for mRNA, or long non-coding RNA
Ribosome profiling
RNAi screening
Single guide RNA for CRISPR



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