Some useful links for bioinformatics tools and tutorials

You can find some links for several useful links about Bioinformatics and programming.

Protein sequence analysis programs for similarity searches & functional prediction
Protein structure visualization, prediction & analysis PyMol, UCSF-Chimera, HADDOCK, I-TASSER
Phylogenetics & evolution methods to make multiple sequence alignments & phylogenetic tree reconstruction

lENCODE, UCSC genome browser

Programming tutorials

learn programming: R, R studio python and documentation for python 2.7, python 3.7.1and jupyter

Johns Hopkins Data Science Lab: courses, books

programming exercises: coding-bat for python or coding-bat for java

Annual MaxQuant summer school the largest workshop in computational proteomics, details and how to register here
Bioinformatics courses courses we are offering and how you can sign up: R
Proteomics analysis MaxQuant, Perseus
Databases GEO, DAVID, HumanProteinAtlas Uniprot, Ensembl
Public repositories PRIDE, ProteomeXchange Consortium
Statistics Bioconductor, Perseus


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