Some useful links for bioinformatics tools and tutorials

Many problems in Bioinformatics are tough and we are very happy to to help you analyze your data, finding orthologs, making functional predictions or helping you in any other form. However, you can find some of the useful links for some useful Bioinformatics methods, databases and tutorials below if you might want to try out a few things yourself.

Protein Sequence Analysis programs for similarity searches & functional prediction
Protein Structure Prediction & Analysis programs to predict protein structures and how to use them for functional prediction
Phylogenetics & Evolution methods to make multiple sequence alignments & phylogenetic tree reconstruction
All About Genomes

links to genome databases, ENCODE and modENCODE, visualizing genomic data: UCSC genome browser

Programming Tutorials on the Web

learn programming: R, R studio python 2.7, python 3.6.2

Johns Hopkins Data Science Lab: courses, books

Bioinformatics Courses courses we are offering and how you can sign up: R, Galaxy
Proteomics analysis software for proteomics data analysis
More databases GEO, DAVID, HumanProteinAtlas
Statistics Bioconductor, Perseus

Most of the work in Omics data analysis is done on Unix like systems. Bellow you can find some Linux resouses:

 Learn the Shell


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