Arno Alpi, PhD
Arno Alpi, PhD
Project Group Leader
Phone:+49 89 8578-2480

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Cell signaling pathways are essential for every organism to maintain cell homeostasis, cell behavior, and to adjust cellular physiology in response to internal cues and external stimuli. Our major scientific focus is to understand signaling mediated by the ubiquitin system. We aim to functionally dissect these ubiquitin signaling pathways and their molecular machines to gain insight into their physiology and how their deregulation promotes cellular transformation and disease. We recently discovered novel ubiquitin signaling systems that control assembly, turnover, and homeostasis of regulatory proteins that are involved in signal transduction cascades linked with cell proliferation, cell death, and differentiation (Kelsall IR, et al. 2013; MacKay C, et al. 2014; Scott DC, et al. 2016).

Members of the team:
Christine Baumann, Technician
Judith Müller, Technician

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