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2017     Nov        Congratulations Dr. Qianmin Wang for finishing your PhD!

2017     Nov         Welcome Aly.

2017     Sep          Welcome Rebecca.

2017     Aug          Welcome Hana.

2017     July          Welcome Sudheer.

2017     Feb          Welcome Alexandra and Charlotte.

2017     Jan          Naoko gets grant support from Boehringer Ingelheim plus3.

2016     Dec          Congratulations to the lab for Naoko's ERC-CoG grant !

2016     Dec          Tex Mex ist da for Christmas dinner !    

2016     Aug          We welcome Rei  from Kyoto University for her
                             practical training.

2016     Apr           Congratulations to Julia  for the succsesful thesis defence.

2016     Jan           Naoko is EMBO Young Investigator.

2015     Dec          Our Christmas dinner was Chinese HotPot this year !

2015     Jun          Welcome Stephanie.

2015     Jan           Congratulations to Justine  for the successful
                             thesis defence.

2014     Dec          Naoko made Yakitori dinner for our Christams party ! 

2014     Nov          Congratulations to Naoko  for the DFG ANR
                             Collaborative Grant.  

2014     Oct           Justine and Qianmin threw a party for their publications
                             together with Esben's Andre and Tashi. 

2014     Oct          Congratulations to Justine  for the Tim-Tipin paper
                             accepted by NAR.

2014     Oct          We had our last BBQ night of 2014 at the football pitch.

2014     Sep          Welcome Jalal.

2014     Aug         Welcome Wolfgang.

2014     Jul           Congratulations to Matthias Beierle for his bachelor thesis.

2014     Jun          Congratulations to Qianmin for the tubulin paper
                            accepted by PNAS.

2014     Jun          Welcome Nirakar.

2014     Mar          Congratulations to the lab for Naoko's DFG Project

2013     Dec          Raclette Christmas party with our neighbor labs !

2013     Sep          Welcome Dirk.

2013     Aug         Welcome Qianmin.

2012     Apr          Welcome Julia.



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