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Prof. Dr. Axel Ullrich
Prof. Dr. Axel Ullrich

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How does signal transduction function in the cancer cell?

Research Department "Molecular Biology" (Axel Ullrich)

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Axel Ullrich is a pioneer of the research field of signal transduction in cells. Defects in the signal transduction system of the human multi-cellular organism are the cause of most diseases. His work has elucidated major fundamental molecular mechanisms that govern the physiology of normal cells and allow insights into patho-physiological mechanisms of major human diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Current efforts of the Research Department “Molecular Biology” are aimed at exploiting the insights we have gained about the oncogenic mechanisms in cancer cells to develop targeted therapies that interfere with pathogenic processes in cells. In cooperation with external partners like the Lead Discovery Center in Dortmund, Vichem Chemie in Budapest and the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Singapore the Research Department of Axel Ullrich is developing novel therapies for cancer and diabetes. On the picture you can see the molecular mechanism of the drug Herceptin, which was developed by Axel Ullrich and his team. Herceptin (orange) blocks a receptor on the cell surface.

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