Director of the Department

Prof. Dr. Matthias Mann
Prof. Dr. Matthias Mann

Which proteins does a cell need to function?

Research Department "Proteomics and Signal Transduction" (Matthias Mann)

The department of “Proteomics and Signal Transduction” led by Matthias Mann is one of the founders of proteomics research and one of the leading groups of the field. The area of proteomics deals with the identification and quantification of the complement of all proteins (the proteome) in different states of a cell. Proteins are the main protagonists of the cell; this is why proteomics has wide applications in biology and medicine. The technological foundation for proteomics is mass spectrometry (MS), which we advance by developing new sample preparation techniques, chromatography and bioinformatics analysis concepts. Using this technology, we were the first to quantify the proteome of the baker’s yeast as the first complete proteome of a model organism. In addition to quantifying proteins, the technology is also capable of deciphering post-translational modifications on proteins. These modifications often serve as switches and control the biological activity of individual proteins.


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