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Postdoctoral Position Available

Application open until July 30, 2016.

We seek to hire motivated postdoctoral researchers with strong expertise in membrane biophysics, protein biochemistry and/or advanced cell biological methods to work on an ERC-funded project related to Synthetic Biology of Autophagy.

The Wollert lab, currently located at the MPI of Biochemistry in Munich, will move to Paris to continue its successful research mission: ‘Untangling the molecular mechanisms of autophagy’ at the Institut Pasteur

Autophagy is a central catabolic pathway to deliver cytoplasmic material including protein aggregates, damaged mitochondria, or even intracellular pathogens to lysosomes for degradation. Malfunctions of autophagy are closely related to the onset of devastating human diseases, such as neurodegeneration, cancer, diabetes and autoimmune diseases.

Our research approach: We are reconstituting critical steps of the pathway in the test-tube using recombinant proteins and model membranes. Biophysical characterization of the system include quantitative fluoresces microscopy (FRAP, FRET, FLIM, FCS) combined with structural methods (atomic force microscopy, electron microscopy).  

These reconstitutions are combined with vivo work in human cells facilitating cell biological and biochemical approaches (quantitative fluorescence life cell imaging, genome editing (CRISPR/Cas9), correlative light electron microscopy)

Our goal: We want to create autophagosomes in the test tube  to identify biophysical principles of the pathway. In combination with cutting edge in vivo methods, we are aiming to identify suitable targets for pharmaceutical intervention.  

Applicants with strong expertise in biophysics or cell-biology and interested in breaching the gap in between both research areas are invited to apply.


Please send CV, research summary, motivation to work in our lab and contacts for referees to Deadline for submissions: July 30, 2016. 

 Are you interested in synthetic biology? Do you want to see molecular machines in action?

We offer one to two PhD positions (salaried position governed by the Collective Wage Agreement for the Civil Service, TVöD) Funded through DFG, ERC, and Max Planck Scociety. 

We offer one postdoctoral researcher position (salaried position governed by the Collective Wage Agreement for the Civil Service, TVöD) Funded through HORIZON 2020 (ERC Grant). 

We are studying membrane remodeling-machines involved in autophagy. Our approach combines in vitro work using recombinant proteins and model membranes such as supported lipid bilayers and liposomes, with cutting edge in vivo techniques. 

We are constantly inviting interested and motivated students and PhDs to join our lab. We offer exciting short-term projects for master students and highly innovative research projects for PhD-students and post-doctoral researchers. 

Because our research projects combine novel and innovative in vitro and in vivo techniques, each member of our laboratory will be trained in various research fields, providing broad experimental and intelectual skills for a successful future career.

 Our experimental portfolio includes:

  • recombinant protein production in various host organisms
  • protein purification and fluorescent labeling
  • model membranes
  • fluorescent microscopy including confocal, spinning disc, TIRF
  • single molecule approaches based on TIRF microscopy and super-resolution microscopy
  • structural biology approaches including atomic force microscopy and cryo-electron microscopy
  • biochemical assays
  • cell culture and life cell imaging (yeast and mammalian cells)


 Financial support

is provided by the Max Planck Society, the European Research Council, the German Research Foundation, and the European Molecular Biology Organization. 


including CV, research experience and academic training, as well as contact details of referees should be send to  

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