Dr. Bianca Habermann
Group Leader
Phone:+49 89 8578-2442Fax:+49 89 8578

Computational Biology

Research Group "Computational Biology"

The research of the Computational Biology Group is dedicated to solving biological problems using computational methods. When limits of existing software solutions for the analysis of biological data are reached or novel experimental technologies arise, new computational solutions must be found. We develop algorithms for both large-, as well as small-scale data analysis in biological research and close contact with research scientists ensures usability of our software.

We work in several areas of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics. Our interests include the detection of remote sequence similarity and discovering small, functional motifs in sequences, the analysis of NGS-data and the integration of large-scale data using, among others, methods from network analysis.

The Computational Biology Group contains in addition the Bioinformatics Core Facility, which is entirely dedicated to assisting researchers of MPIB in Bioinformatics data analysis.

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