Graduate Committe 2014

Graduate students of every department choose yearly two (or three) departmental representatives. These spokespersons are regularly asked to distribute or gather information and they are responsible for organizing a Get Together (normally every department organizes this event once per twelve to eighteen months).

All departmental spokespersons meet a few times a year to discuss important issues. At the end of every year, they redistribute the organization of the different activities and they elect two new institute’s spokespersons.

The institute’s spokespersons (in 2014 Anna Kaufmann and Gosia Poczopko) meet with the managing board and the administration on a regular basis to keep involved in issues that are important for graduate students. Whenever problems occur between PhDs and their supervisors, these spokespersons can mediate (or refer to the Betriebsrat). And of course the spokespersons inform all graduate students about upcoming events and important regulations.

All students that volunteer to take part in the organization of certain events are members of the Graduate Committee. The Graduate Committee currently exists of 13 active students and organizes all activities - except the Get Togethers.

Graduate Committee



External Representative Sarah Scholze 2075
Internal Representatives Fabian Cerda 2455
Sarah Scholze 2075
Distinguished Lecture Series Claudio Lademann 3030
Gosia Poczopko 2478
Neysan Donnelly 3051
Soft Skills Meera Phulphagar
Maria Benito 2103
Sarah Scholze 2075
Careers for PhDs Scarlet Beck 2296
Beatrice Laudenbach 2669
Anna Gebhard 2669
Graduate Retreat Thomas Schlichthaerle 3413
Mehrshad Pakdel 2202
Andre Michaelis
Get Togethers Timm Hassemer 2232
Finances Karl-Uwe Reusswig 3047
Departmental Spokespeople
Fässler Irene Ferreira 2478
Sandra Lemke 2478
Hartl Timm Hassemer 2232/2247
Tobias Neudegger 2271
Mann Alexander Reim 2402
Ulrich Simone Gusenbauer 2511
Baumeister Markus Eisele 2231
Ulrike Lauks 2035
Jentsch Benjamin Anstett 3029
Claudio Lademann 3030
Conti Stephanie Schumacher 3445
Schwille Philipp Glock 2314
Junior Groups Lisa Dempfle 3422
Thomas Schlichthärle 3413

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