Literature and Patent Databases

Please find below a list of important databases accessible for staff and guests of the MPG. This selection comprises only a part of databases collected under MPG. ReNa.

OvidSP offers high-quality databases for psychology such as PsycInfo and CAB abstracts (for agriculture, veterinary sciences, applied economics, food sciences and nutrition, from 1910 to 1989) under a powerful but intuitive search interface.

Web of Science (former Web of Knowledge) provides access to the „Web of Science Core Collection“, containing also InCites Journal Citation Reports (JCR) and the Essential Science Indicators (ESI), to BIOSIS Preview, MEDLINE, SciELO Citation Index and Zoological Record. Tools for analyzing search results and creating citation reports are also available. Patents are searchable under the Derwent Innovations Index (from 1963 onwards, please find further patent databases below).

ProQuest contains 18 field-specific databases (including MEDLINE) and Web-resources, covering natural sciences, social sciences, technology, and humanities via an advanced search interface. Tables and figures are searchable.

Scopus is a multidisciplinary database covering a large selection of scientific, technical, medical, and social sciences journals. Citations are also included from 1996 onwards, but citations from before this date are being added on an ongoing basis (since 2015). Tools for analyzing search results and creating citation reports are also available.

 SciFinder provides direct access to Chemical Abstracts, REGISTRY, Chem-Cats, and other databases for searching chemical texts, structures, reactions, bio-sequences and patents. Please note, new users have to apply for a user name and password, before they can start! Therefore new users have to fill out a license administration form requested from the Max Planck Digital Library (MPDL) first. Click here to register to  SciFinder.

Entering information regarding a specific reference into the MPG Citation Linker form, leads you via the MPG-SFX Services to full-text pdf or library holdings, etc.

MPG.PuRe is the publication repository of the Max Planck Society, which contains bibliographic data and numerous full-texts of MPG researchers` publications.

MPG eBooks Catalog are comprehensive collections of more than 500.000 eBooks and electronic reference works provided by the Max Planck Digital Library (MPDL) or by local Max Planck Institutes libraries.

MPG eJournals are available via the EZB (Electronic Journals Library means Elektronische Zeitschriften Bibliothek), offering print and electronic journals, which are collected from more than 600 German libraries to more than 40 subjects.

PubMed is an extensive US-database for biomedical literature and as a service from the US National Library of Medicine it comprises the search of the complete literature of the public medical libraries in the United States. If you need the fulltext, take advantage of the MPG-SFX Services.

Patent databases for free

Google Patents includes over 87 million patent publications from 17 worldwide patent offices, as well as many more technical documents and books indexed in Google Scholar and Google Books.

The United States Patent Office (USPTO) offers two patent key databases. USPTO for approved patents (full-text from 1976 onwards, images from 1790 to present) and USPTO for patents still at application status.

WIPO Patentscope from the World Interllectual Property Organization enables the search for patents in national and international collections.

DEPATISnet is the database of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt) for online searches on patent publications from around the world. It includes the internal DEPATIS electronic document archive of the office (German patent information system).

For further (international) patent databases please use the list from the IVS-CPT.


Search Tools & Collections

JSTOR allows the access to the full-texts of selected scholarly and ancient journals from 75 disciplines with main emphasizes on social science and humanities. Some of them dated back to the 17th century; others dated mainly from the 19th century. Contents (including captions) are fully searchable.

The Faculty of 1000 (the name stands for the more than 1000 leading scientists) offers the service of recommendation of recently published research papers in the life sciences.

The Biochemical Journal comprises an electronic archive of all journal articles to biochemistry and molecular biology from the beginning in 1906 to 2014.

The "Henry Stewart Talks - "Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection" provides access to more than 1000 online lectures and seminars held by world leading experts in their respective fields (among them Nobel Laureates and members of the MPG).

GenomeBiology is an e-journal for the dissemination, discussion and critical review of information about all areas of biology informed by genomic research. You may use the MPG-SFX services.

Current Protocols - Bioinformatic from Wiley Online Library are comprehensive, reliable, and updated manuals of the newest techniques in various scientific disciplines (including bioinformatics, genetics & genomics, proteomics).

Additional databases and resources may also be provided by your own institute. For more information please contact your local librarian or check the services from the Max Planck Digital Library (MPDL).

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