do-it-yourself: links to useful Bioinformatics tools and tutorials

Many problems in Bioinformatics are tough and we are very happy  to help you analyze your data, whether it is high-throughput sequencing data, proteomics or sequencing data. We can make functional predictions or help you in any other form. But you might want to try out a few things yourself?

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Most of the work in Omics data analysis is done on Unix like systems. Bellow you can find some Linux resouses:

 Learn the Shell


Protein Sequence Analysis programs for similarity searches & functional prediction
Protein Structure Prediction & Analysis programs to predict protein structures and how to use them for functional prediction
Phylogenetics & Evolution methods to make multiple sequence alignments & phylogenetic tree reconstruction
All About Genomes

links to genome databases, ENCODE and modENCODE, visualizing genomic data: UCSC genome browser

Programming Tutorials on the Web

learn programming: R, R studio python 2.7, python 3.6.2

Johns Hopkins Data Science Lab: courses, books

Bioinformatics Courses courses we are offering and how you can sign up: R, Galaxy
Proteomics analysis software for proteomics data analysis
More databases GEO, DAVID, HumanProteinAtlas
Statistics Bioconductor, Perseus
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