Felix Meissner, PhD
Felix Meissner, PhD
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MPI of Biochemistry,
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Key Publications

Rieckmann, J., Geiger, R., Hornburg, D., Kveler, K., Wolf, T., Jarrossay, D., Sallusto, F., Shen-Orr, S.S., Lanzavecchia,  A., Mann, M., Meissner, F.
Social Network Architecture of Human Immune Cells Unveiled by Quantitative Proteomics
(2017) Nature Immunology, May 18(5):583-593.

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The immune system as a social network
Immune regulation: Immune cell social networks

NLRP3 inflammasome assembly is regulated by phosphorylation of the pyrin domain
Stutz, S., Kolbe, C.C., Stahl, R., Horvath, G.L., Franklin, B.S., Ray, O., Brinkschulte, R., Geyer, M., Meissner, F.*, Latz, E.* (* equal contributions)
(2017) Journal of Experimental Medicine, 214 (6), pp. 1725-1736

Geiger, R., Rieckmann, J.C., Wolf, T., Basso, C., Feng, Y., Fuhrer, T., Kogadeeva, M., Picotti, P., Meissner. F., Mann, M., Zamboni, N., Sallusto, F., Lanzavecchia, A.
L-Arginine Modulates T Cell Metabolism and Enhances Survival and Anti-tumor Activity.
(2016) Cell, Oct 20;167(3):829-842.e13.

Böttcher, J.P., Beyer, M., Meissner, F., Abdullah, Z., Sander, J., Höchst, B., Eickhoff, S., Rieckmann, J.C., Russo, C., Bauer, T., Flecken, T., Giesen, D., Engel, D., Jung, S., Busch, D.H., Protzer, U., Thimme, R., Mann, M., Kurts, C., Schultze, J.L., Kastenmüller, W., Knolle, P.A.
Functional classification of memory CD8 + T cells by CX3CR1 expression
(2015) Nature Communications, 6, art. no. 8306.

Gerold, G., Meissner, F., Bruening, J., Welsch, K., Perin, P.M., Baumert, T.F., Vondran, F.W., Kaderali, L., Marcotrigiano, J., Khan, A.G., Mann, M., Rice, C.M., Pietschmann, T.
Quantitative Proteomics Identifies Serum Response Factor Binding Protein 1 as a Host Factor for Hepatitis C Virus Entry
2015) Cell Reports, 12 (5), pp. 864-878.

Széles, L., Meissner, F., Dunand-Sauthier, I., Thelemann, C., Hersch, M., Singovski, S., Haller, S., Gobet, F., Marraco, S.A.F., Mann, M., Garcin, D., Acha-Orbea, H., Reith, W.
TLR3-mediated CD8+ dendritic cell activation is coupled with establishment of a cell-intrinsic antiviral state
(2015) Journal of Immunology, 195 (3), pp. 1025-1033.  

Meissner, F., Mann, M.
Quantitative shotgun proteomics: Considerations for a high-quality workflow in immunology
(2014) Nature Immunology, 15 (2), pp. 112-117 

Meissner, F., Scheltema, R.A., Mollenkopf, H.-J., Mann, M.
Direct proteomic quantification of the secretome of activated immune cells
(2013) Science, 340 (6131), pp. 475-478.

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Tracking Secreted Proteins

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