Dr. Boris Pfander
Dr. Boris Pfander
Group Leader
Phone:+49 89 8578-3050

MPI of Biochemistry, Am Klopferspitz 18, 82152 Martinsried

DNA Replication & Genome Integrity


19/06/17  Susi has been awarded this year's Junior Scientists' Publication Award from the MPIB. Congratulations.

26/05/17  The CRC 1064 'Chromatin Dynamics' received funding until 2021. We proudly participate with two projects that aim to reveal the characteristics of recombination-permissive and -restrictive states of damaged chromatin. PhD student applications are welcome!

16/05/17  Claudio Lademann from Stefan Jentsch's lab has just published his PhD work on the control of homologous recombination by INO80C – Boris helped as corresponding author.
The INO80 complex removes H2A.Z to promote presynamptic filament formation during homologous recombination
C.A. Lademann, J. Renkawitz, B. Pfander & S. Jentsch (2017). Cell Reports. 19(7):1294-1303. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2017.04.051.

17/01/17  We just published our new work on the regulation of the Mus81 resolvase by cell cycle kinases and scaffold proteins:
Dbf4-dependent kinase and the Rtt107 scaffold promote Mus81-Mms4 resolvase activation during mitosis
L.N. Princz, P. Wild, J. Bittmann, F.J. Aguado, M.G. Blanco, J. Matos & B. Pfander (2017). EMBO J. doi: 10.15252/embj.201694831.

07/01/17  Our work on DNA end resection, chromatin remodelling and cell cycle control got published today:
Targeting of the Fun30 nucleosome remodeller by the Dpb11 scaffold facilitates cell cycle-regulated DNA end resection. 
S.C.S. Bantele, P. Ferreira, D. Gritenaite, D. Boos, & B. Pfander (2017). eLife. eLife 2017;10.7554/eLife.21687

30/12/16  Susi Bantele was awarded a travel stipend to attend the 2017 Keystone Symposium 'DNA Replication & Recombination'.

04/10/16  Our work on DNA replication control just got published:
Robust Replication Control Is Generated by Temporal Gaps between Licensing and Firing Phases and Depends on Degradation of Firing Factor Sld2.
K.-U. Reusswig, F. Zimmermann, L. Galanti, B. Pfander (2016). Cell Reports. 17(2):556-569. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2016.09.013.
Have a look at the news article on the MPIB homepage.

16/08/16  Susi Bantele was selected for a talk and travel stipend for the 2016 DGDR conference "DNA repair" in Essen.

20/07/16  Team Sharkaromyces won the MPIB Volleyball Tournament. Congratulations to Susi, Lorenzo, Kalle, Matthias, Dirk and Boris.

13/06/16  Kalle Reußwig won this year's Labminton and stopped Susi's hattrick.

17/12/15  Our collaborative work with Christian Biertümpfel's lab on the structure and function of the Holliday junction resolvase GEN1/Yen1 has been published:
Human Holliday junction resolvase GEN1 uses a chromodomain for efficient DNA recognition and cleavage.
S.H. Lee, L.N. Princz, M.F. Klügel, B. Habermann, B. Pfander, C. Biertümpfel (2015). Elife. pii:e12256. doi: 10.7554/eLife.12256.

16/12/15  The Springer book The initiation of DNA replication in eukaryotes edited by Dan Kaplan is out now. We wrote a chapter on Roles of Sld2, Sld3, and Dpb11 in Replication Initiation and contributed to Regulation of the Initiation of DNA Replication upon DNA Damage in Eukaryotes.

20/11/15  Our work on the regulation of nucleosome remodelling at DNA damage sites attracted funding by the German Research Council (DFG).

01/09/15  Newcomers to the lab: Julia Bittmann and Lorenzo Galanti started their PhD. Welcome!

27/07/15  Kalle Reußwig was selected to give a talk about his work on the control of replication initiation at the Cold Spring Harbor Meeting "Eukaryotic Replication & Genome Maintenance".

18/05/15  Dalia Gritenaite successfully defended her PhD-thesis. Congratulations Doktor Gritenaite!

15/05/15  Susi Bantele was selected to give a short talk at the 2015 IMB meeting on "DNA Repair and Genome Stability in a Chromatin Environment".

12/12/14   Our review on DNA joint molecule resolution and the response to replication fork stalling is now available online:
The Slx4-Dpb11 scaffold complex: coordinating the response to replication fork stalling in S-phase and the subsequent mitosis.
L.N. Princz, D. Gritenaite, B. Pfander (2015). 
Cell Cycle. 14(4):488-494. doi: 10.4161/15384101.2014.989126.

25/11/14  We have become an associated member of the collaborative research cluster SFB1064 "Chromatin Dynamics" and are looking forward to the scientific exchange!

22/09/14  Lissa Princz has just been awarded the Poster Award of the "30th Klenk Symposium on Molecular Medicine" on "DNA Damage Response and Repair Mechanisms in Aging and Disease". Congratulations, Lissa.

04/08/14  Fabian Zimmermann has finished his Diploma-thesis work. Well done!

15/07/14  Our work on cell cycle regulation of the response to stalled replication forks and DNA joint molecule resolution is now published.
A cell cycle-regulated Slx4–Dpb11 complex promotes the resolution of DNA repair intermediates linked to stalled replication.
D. Gritenaite, L.N. Princz, B. Szakal, S.C.S. Bantele, L. Wendeler, S. Schilbach, B.H. Habermann, J. Matos, M. Lisby, D. Branzei, B. Pfander (2014). 
Genes Dev. 28(14):1604-1619. doi: 10.1101/gad.240515.114. 

14/07/14  Karl-Uwe Reußwig has received a Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds (BIF) PhD Fellowship. Congratulations, Kalle!

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