Organisation of the MPIB

Organisation Chart  

Office of the
Board of Managing Directors
Scientific Services
Board of Managing Directors
Petra Ludowici

Research Departments:

Molecular Structural Biology
Structural Cell Biology
Molecular Medicine
Cellular Biochemistry
Molecular Cell Biology
Proteomics and Signal Transduction
Cellular and Molecular Biophysics
Molecular Biology

Research Groups:

Molecular Mechanisms of DNA Repair
Molecular Basis of Protein Trafficking
Computational Systems Biochemistry
Structure and Dynamics of Molecular Machines
Modeling of Protein complexes
Cell Dynamics
Molecular Mechanotransduction
Chromosome Organization and Dynamics
Computational Biology
Chaperonin-assisted Protein Folding
Structure Research
Molecular Imaging and Bionanotechnology
Neuroinflammation and Mucosal Immunology
Intraflagellar Transport
Experimental Systems Immunology
Cellular and Membrane Trafficking
Bioorganic Chemistry
Chromatin Biology
Biomimetic Systems
Translational Medicine
Structure and Function of Mitochondria
Membrane Biochemistry
DNA Replication and Genome Integrity
Innate Immunity
Muscle Dynamics
Maintenance of Genome Stability
Molecular Membrane and Organelle Biology
Chromosome Biology


Animal Facility
Biochemistry Core Facility
Cryo-EM Facility
Crystallization Facility
Imaging Facility
Transgenic Core Facility
Computing Center
Information Retrieval Services
Occupational Safety
Public Relations
International Max Planck Research School
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